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Artemis Group stems from an idea of Mr. Andrea Levy.

He is an entrepreneur and a marketing and communication consultant working for some of the most important multinational firms. He has been working for years in the business of luxury tourism and in the promotion of Italian excellence in the world.

On the basis of these prestigious experiences, Mr. Levy has started a highly-structured publishing project. His stylish and precious volumes are designed to share his own passions: Italy, its unique natural beauty, its artistic heritage, its excellence in style and design.

Our volumes are created for the Italian and international market and are characterised by extremely original content, accurate iconographic research and quality printing.

Though Artemis Group mainly feature Italian subjects, we will also consider the publication of non-Italian topics, provided they are in line with the our publishing policy: delving into a style, an essence, a way of life imbued with a deeply emotional content as well as by a strong national identity.


New 2011-2012 calendar Illustrated and photo book Artemis Group Edizioni, new book 2011-2012 calendar

Book title: Red Travel - Toscana in Ferrari

Book subtitle: Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari California, Ferrari 430 Spider and other 7 Ferrari GT models. Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and other 47 cities and towns of Tuscany

Author: Andrea Levy

Book Printed in Italy. Copyright 2011 Artemis Group Publisher